Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Year, A Renewal of An Old Idea

Good early morning, everyone. A new year is upon us and I have decided to renew my blog as my one resolution for 2013! Just this morning I read two internet stories which have me eager to implement a revised version of Spiritual Conversations. First was a story involving the Newark mayor Cory Booker's evolution about his change on gay rights; second was the story about the strangers who defended the gay couple and their community at the pizza truck from the offending customer calling names. Also, the situation I mentioned in my last post is ongoing and has led me to want open up and talk more because, as my best friend recently told me, not talking is the problem. I want this blog to be a hospitality center, in the Jesus sense of the term, where your stories of human rights can be posted and commented on, but not debated, preached, or advised about. These are to be your stories and I want this blog to be a welcome refuge for telling your stories. It is not to be used as a political forum or an agenda-promotion of any kind.

Strangers and friends are invited and welcomed just as Jesus did at his table. Romans 14 is my model for hospitality. If you are interested in this type of blog, please post. I am eager to read your stories. One note before I go, your stories do not have to be on just one human right, but on any that are your passion, that are being misused, misrepresented, abused. If you read something that sets your hair on end, comment. If something happens to you that leaves you frustrated, comment. We will start a conversation about it.

Excited about meeting friends and future friends at this conversation table.

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  1. Bewark mayor on gay rights is found here:

    Defending the gay couple at the pizza truck: